Exceptional Clients and Assets

Exceptional Clients: World-Class Assets

We have decided to intentionally limit our engagements to a select number of sophisticated, highly successful and qualified clients in order to provide the highest level of service, while also providing each member with scores of luxury options to choose from. Our clients at Obsidian International demand discretion and precision in everything that we do. This is one reason why we intentionally do not offer a public database of assets available in our trade portfolio. We never send out press releases in order to proclaim our success to the masses. We are committed to your privacy and that of every one of our discerning clients. Obsidian is uniquely positioned in today’s global market to assist this level of individual with reaching their goals.

The value of the asset is only one of many considerations which we take into account prior to inviting and accepting a client. In addition, each property must be located in a highly desirable location and each potential client must be willing to adhere to Obsidian International’s policies and procedures, in order to maintain an exceptional experience for all.