Our exceptional clients wouldn't trade us for anything.

From Great Britain to Costa Rica, from the United States to Thailand, from St. Barts to Kiev, it is especially gratifying to consistently facilitate exchanges involving a wide array of diverse high-end assets among an equally diverse and impressive group of individuals and companies.

High-end assets are just that, a diverse array of assets that appeal to successful, discriminating individuals.

Of course, we often facilitate the trade of exceptional worldwide oceanfront properties, but that hardly tells our whole story. Are you seeking a castle in England? An apartment building in Miami? A yacht ready to sail the Mediterranean? A winery in Tuscany? A wind farm in Nevada? A boutique hotel in Costa Rica?

An open mind is an asset trader's best friend.

Identifying an array of assets you would be pleased to trade for substantially increases the possibility of a successful value for value exchange. Many of our clients quickly recognize that more than one type of specific asset will meet or exceed their expectations. They are often the ones most likely to be marveling later at the results of their completed trade.

Considering the fact that our non-exclusive agreement only expands your options and that our fees are success-based only, there is rarely an advantage to waiting.

The sooner you enter into a T.V.A., an essential component of our proprietary process, the sooner we can begin facilitating your trade. Once our agreement is formalized, the wheels are immediately put in motion. Our marketing team then quickly acts to represent your asset in its finest light. Our research team assiduously gets on task and our consultants rapidly begin to seek out the asset or assets that meet your trade criteria.

Taking a preliminary step makes a great deal of sense and takes very little effort.

Why not start personalizing the process?