Dear friends,

I am personally and professionally excited to introduce you to Obsidian International Asset Trading. I am very confident that after reviewing this detailed presentation, the concept of a carefully facilitated value for value trade is certain to garner your attention.

I began working to perfect the concept of facilitating the trading of high-end assets nearly two decades ago. I was quite certain that the need was there and quickly found that to be true. I was completely certain that my passion would be motivation enough to diligently work to refine the concept of value for value exchanges into a combination of art and science. With a great deal of effort, a fervor for research, a handful of extremely talented and equally motivated global associates, the willingness to travel virtually anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice, a relentless commitment to personal service and a few hardy asset owners who believed in me, 36ixty Global Venture Partners, the world’s first company dedicated entirely to facilitating the trade of high-end assets by high net worth individuals and successful companies, was born. It was launched on one basic tenant: although cash may always be ‘king,’ quality assets will always remain royalty. And better still, sometimes even the ‘king’ can get ‘trumped.’

A great deal has happened since facilitating that first trade in 1999. Our team has gone on to coordinate the successful exchange of many of the most highly sought after assets in the world. Trades of extraordinary assets of all types, each uniquely tailored to the needs of our valued clients. Yachts. Private jets. Hotels. Signature estates. Land Assets. Income-producing properties. Mines. The list goes on.

Now, after having recently been approached by a handful of exceptional business and marketing professionals on multiple continents, I could not resist their offer to collectively build an even better, more refined and more specialized asset trading firm. Enter Obsidian International Asset Trading. Enter the world’s most experienced and sophisticated company completely dedicated to the ancient art of exchanging value for value.

We will never take credit for inventing the concept of asset trading; we simply have perfected it. On behalf of our dedicated team of specialists as well as our talented global network of associates, please accept our sincere thank you in advance for your interest.


Jarrett Preston
Founder and Managing Partner
Obsidian International Asset Trading