We never forget that your needs are as individual as your assets.

After nearly two decades of successfully facilitating trades of an incredible array of diverse assets involving trade partners on virtually every continent, that fact remains indisputable.

We are on 'your side' when it comes to maximizing your alternatives.

Our non-exclusive agreement is designed to ensure that our clients remain in complete control. They are free to sell their asset themselves, list with a broker or even find a trade partner and facilitate their own trade transaction, if that is their best option. Our clients are able to do this all the while we are searching for, or are in the middle of, facilitating a trade for them.

We specifically outline our success fees in our consulting agreement, ensuring no surprises during any part of the trade process and especially at closing.

No two proposed or executed trades are alike. Yet, for those sophisticated clients for whom we have facilitated a successful trade, there is one constant: the unquestioned value that they have received throughout every intricate step of their completed transactions. As is the case with all experienced, proven professional consulting firms, our fees are based on many individual factors. They include, but are not limited to, the nature and specifics of the asset to be traded and the expected demand for that asset, the asset or assets sought in return as well as the anticipated demands necessary to complete a viable trade that meets or exceeds expectations. Fortunately, our substantial experience enables us to determine the exact fee in advance of our consulting agreement being signed.

We are certainly not for everyone; we provide services only to the discriminating asset owner who understands the unmatched value we provide.

The personalized attention that each of our respected clients receives directly limits the number of clients and assets we can accept into our active portfolio at any given time. We are content to work only with those individuals and companies who clearly recognize the measurable advantage received by engaging our unique services. At Obsidian International, we are singularly focused on providing the complete and complex array of those services (researching, positioning, negotiating and completing) essential to successfully facilitating value for value exchanges. We are proud of the essential role that we play, the superior results we ascertain and the accolades we regularly receive from our clients.

We will only present you with a trade opportunity in which we are contracted to facilitate.

As a result, in order to ensure the legitimate viability of every trade opportunity, it is essential that each side of an Obsidian International-facilitated trade has contracted for our services.

We expect no compensation unless we meet or exceed your expectations.

Our fees are success-based only. We charge no retainer fees and ask for no reimbursement of travel expenses. We are only compensated if and when we introduce an owner to a trade partner with whom a transaction is completed. We wouldn't have it any other way.