Jarrett Preston

Jarrett Preston is the visionary behind Obsidian International Asset Trading. A relentless worker with both entrepreneurial experience and financial acumen that belie his years, Jarrett is the proud product of the Marine Military Academy, Virginia Military Institute and the United States Marine Corps. Jarrett co-founded his first venture, a publishing company, at the age of 21, the sale of which launched Jarrett on a successful career as a highly sought-after international business coach, sales trainer and multi-dimensional consultant.

During over a decade of national speaking, training and consulting, Jarrett developed a highly respected series of seminars, corporate training systems, online tools, and coaching aids that are widely utilized today by individuals and corporations in the successful growth and capitalization of their business ventures. In addition to the production and development of products, business coaching, and management of his own business enterprises, Jarrett has conducted more than 600 keynote presentations, corporate training sessions and seminars on business and capital development, real estate, finance and most notably international asset trading.

Jarrett began his successful career as an asset trader in 1999 and went on to establish 36ixty Global Venture Partners, the world’s first company dedicated entirely to facilitating the trade of high-end assets by high net worth individuals and successful companies. In 2011, Jarrett expanded his team and global presence to create an entirely new level of asset trading firm. Enter, Obsidian International Asset Trading, the world’s most experienced and sophisticated company completely dedicated to the ancient art of exchanging value for value.

Jarrett is uniquely qualified to lead Obsidian International, having built his impeccable reputation on facilitating a wide array of exciting, challenging and successful transactions involving premier assets throughout the world. Such transactions require exceptional relationship skills, a willingness and ability to diligently evaluate both individuals and their assets, a relentless commitment to personal service and an uncanny ability to exceed the expectations of others. Jarrett is blessed with those skills and is not intimidated by the scope of the transaction or the location of the asset or its principals, as is evidenced by the fact that his diverse, international client base has always included exceptional high net worth individuals and successful companies.

As a natural born leader, a successful entrepreneur and renowned innovator, Jarrett is also especially skilled at team building. Through Obsidian International, Jarrett has assembled a dedicated and experienced team of specialists placed in many of the world’s major markets. This Global Network shares his commitment to achieving extraordinary results.

Jarrett is a committed family man. He and his family currently reside in Florida from where they base their global entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors.