“Jarrett Preston and his team are to asset trading, what Sotheby’s is to luxury real estate sales. You will not find a more talented or focused team anywhere in the world. My highest recommendation for those considering a discreet, high value trade of property, yachts, aircrafts, or other valuables worldwide. They can do what no one else can!”

– Terry H.
Barcelona Spain

“Jarrett has clearly mastered the art and science of asset trading. In less than a month, Jarrett had facilitated the trade of the luxury beachfront Florida condominium I had been unable to sell at a fair price for quite some time. In return, I received three new high performance racing boats, one of which I was immediately able to liquidate for cash, two of which we have thoroughly enjoyed. Jarrett helped me through every step of the entire process. I was more than thoroughly satisfied... My wife and I were astonished at the results and the level of personal service Jarrett delivered. We now consider him a friend of the family. ”

– Dr. Nick S.
Orlando, FL.

“It is my pleasure to recommend Obsidian and Jarrett Preston. Jarrett was exceptionally effective in introducing exchange opportunities for my UK based property asset for other property assets around the world. He offered several high quality opportunities that were a good fit for my requirements. The exchange that we achieved involved 2 continents but was accomplished in less than 3 months. Jarrett was very responsive and generous with his time at all stages of the transaction and is a pleasure to work with. The business model that they offer of 'no transaction no fee until closing' really is as good as it sounds and ensures that interests are aligned at all times. I am delighted with the exchange that Obsidian effected for me. It would not have happened without Jarrett because I would have had no visibility of the opportunity but also Jarrett was extremely effective at resolving issues as they inevitably arose as the transaction proceeded. Jarrett and Obsidian - highly effective, strongly recommended.”

– Nikki B.

“Jarrett has managed every aspect of the process with absolute professionalism, always staying vigilant, yet never pushy. He has brought to us what I would consider two strong trade opportunities.”

– Mark O.
Great Exuma, Bahamas

“Combine intensity, precision, vision, power and the ability to lead and execute with sincerity and an unparalleled work ethic and desire to succeed and you will begin to understand the grip Jarrett Preston brings to any relationship. I have witnessed firsthand his surgeon-like skill in negotiating and navigating delicate and intricate transactions while maintaining and nurturing the relationships therein; always working with the highest levels of integrity in an effort to realize an ideal outcome.”

– Pauline H.
London, England