We engage only in the trade of significant assets by discerning, highly successful individuals and companies.

Most trades that we facilitate involve assets valued between $10M and $60M with many now approaching $100M. The common thread: two trade parties with quality high-end assets and fair and attainable expectations regarding what each expects in return.

We seek out the perfect trade for our clients.

Sophisticated asset trading is not a ‘numbers game;’ quite frankly, it’s the opposite. It’s not about introducing you to dozens of potential trade partners; it’s about finding and facilitating the perfect trade, the one that specifically meets or exceeds your pre-established trade criteria.

We are uniquely qualified to help you to eliminate what is often an unnecessary and all-too-costly step.

Most individuals or companies, interested in selling their asset, are doing so with the intention of receiving the cash necessary to immediately acquire an alternative asset that better fits their current objectives. We can help you skip that ‘turn it into currency first’ stage, likely saving you time, money and a whole lot of hassle.

We shoot down the myth that cash is necessary to secure your next asset.

A value for value exchange often completely eliminates the need for currency, much to the delight of our many satisfied clients, faced with fluctuating currency values in an unstable worldwide market.

We are completely prepared to do whatever it takes to facilitate the perfect trade.

That often requires that we actively seek out and successfully find the asset or assets our client desires. Our proprietary multi-step research process ensures that every effort possible is made to find the perfect match should the desired asset not be in our current stable.

We may be able to facilitate an asset trade that enables you to move up, down or out of your asset class.

There are some instances in which a completed trade transaction includes the asset or assets, plus additional cash.

We may, in some cases, be able to provide one of the two trade partners with the opportunity to quickly turn the asset they traded for into much needed cash.

Our consultants are experts in identifying those types of opportunities in advance of any transaction. In this scenario, a newly acquired asset can more easily be liquidated than the asset originally possessed.