We intentionally limit our engagements to a select number of sophisticated, highly qualified clients.

At Obsidian International, it is common for us to have active engagement agreements with less than one hundred exceptional clients at any given time.

We successfully facilitate trades without operating a public database.

That approach completely compromises privacy, wastes valuable time and is rarely successful for the sophisticated asset owner looking to complete a complex value for value exchange.

We are about results, not headlines.

We are committed to your privacy and that of every one of our discerning clients. We never send out press releases in order to proclaim our successes to the masses. Our track record speaks for us.

We realize that your perfect trade partner may only be a stone’s throw away. Or three time zones to the East or West, for that matter.

We believe that your trade possibilities should not be limited by borders or even international currency exchange rates. It is our responsibility to facilitate a smooth transaction between partners whose assets may be located anywhere in the world. We are as likely to facilitate a trade for an exceptional property in Minsk or a historic residence in Venice as we are for a 110’ yacht in St. Thomas or a Global Express in New York. As a result, our team is prepared to travel on a moment’s notice.

We are prepared to ‘go above and beyond’ to facilitate the perfect trade but, to us, it doesn’t feel like that.

That’s simply the way we do business every day. Our proprietary multi-step research process ensures that every effort possible is made to find the perfect match, even if your desired asset is not in our current stable. Our extensive experience and incomparable track record make us uniquely qualified to successfully carry out a specific and detailed search in order to find the asset or assets you desire.